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Earthmoving Systems
Quick Hitches for Excavators
Quick hitches revolutionised excavators, allowing for the quick interchange of a wide variety of attachments at the flick of a switch.  This innovation often meant the difference between having to use two machines instead of just one. Earthmoving Systems supply a wide range and variety of quick hitches to suit all makes and models of excavator, from the smallest 1 tonne machine, right up to 80 tonnes. Combined tilt and quick hitch configurations available Suit most machine sizes and makes Robust construction Hybrid hitches available Variety of locking systems available Low profile hitches (which do not greatly alter the geometrics of the machine) Spring latch hitches Semi automatic quick hitches Fully automatic quick hitches Contact us today to discuss your exact requirements and needs.  Our staff are only too happy to spend the time to ensure you get the right product to suit your needs.  Prompt delivery Australia-wide.
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