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Thumb Grabs for Excavators
Thumb grabs greatly increase the productivity of any excavator, especially when coupled with a tilt hitch, allowing for a much wider range of movement. Able to handle a wide range of products, such as demolition materials, rock, trees, steel and the like. Thumb grabs can be custom designed to handle specific materials and material sizes. Actuated by either a fixed boom stick where one side of the grab remains fixed and the other actuated by the bucket crowding action, or by hydraulic rams. Greatly increase productivity Ideal for bulk demolition material handling Fixed or hydraulic closure actuation Replaceable hardened bushes with grease points Variety of grab face designs available to suit most materials Suit all makes and models of excavators We are able to offer rapid delivery anywhere in Australia.  Contact us today for the best price available anywhere.
Thumb grabs for excavators greatly increase machine versatility
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