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Concrete Mixers for Skidsteers
Mixing, and then transporting concrete on slopes, especially in wet conditions, used to be a nightmare.  Now with the introduction of our skid-steer concrete mixer, this is in the past. Digga's Cement Mixa can mix anything from cement to fertilizer and fits quickly and easily to your Digga Planetary Auger Drive (Auger Drive sold separately). Quickly and efficiently mix your desired product, and transport it direct to where you need it! No more wheelbarrowing in boggy ground conditions. New design means the mixer is easy to install and remove Suits all Digga Auger Drives, Mini Auger Drives and auger drives fitted with Swing Control System Maintenance-free Greatly improved pour times Reduced labour costs Reduced risk of injury to workers Greater profitability Ability to produce greater volumes in shorter time period. Contact us today for a quotation on your concrete mixer requirements.  Rapid shipping Australia- wide.
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Cement mixers for skidsteer loaders, bobcat cement mixers