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Earthmoving Systems
Hole boring and auger equipment for excavators
Earthmoving Systems supply a wide range of high quality hole boring hydraulic drives, extensions , augers and accessories to suit all machine sizes and types. Our quality range of hydraulic drive motors are matched to the machine, to ensure the best hole boring performance, no matter the material being bored. Coupled with our wide range of auger bits, which can be custom designed and built to suit the characteristics of the material being bored, clients are assured  of performance, durability and exceptional product life. Custom augers Rock augers Rock corers Massive number of teeth configurations Custom fluke design for high-speed drilling Augers available up to 1.6 metres in diameter Hydraulic drive motor / gearbox configurations to suit any machine size and manufacturer Rapid delivery service Don’t just buy a “off the shelf” product.  Every drive motor must be correctly matched to suit the hydraulic pressures and flow rates of the machine. Our staff or only too happy to offer the correct advice to get the best product for your needs.  Contact us today.  Prompt delivery Australia-wide.
Hydraulic hole boring augers for excavators of all sizes, and holes of all diameters
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