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Pulverisors for Excavators
Concrete pulverisors have revolutionised the demolition industry, allowing a much greater versatility of excavators, and offering a huge increase in productivity. When coupled with a tilt hitch, (some come with their own tilt mechanism) and correctly matched with the hydraulic flow rates and pressures available on a particular machine, pulverisors greatly increase the efficiency of demolition operators. As the correct matching of a pulverisor to a machine involves some complex calculations, we strongly suggest that you contact us to discuss your options.  Incorrect matching can cause either poor performance, or damage to the pulverisor itself. The advantages of pulverisors? Rapid demolition of all concrete structures Increased machine efficiency Can lead to reduced staff levels with associated savings to the business Highly reliable Custom pulverisors available for very specific applications Contact us today for professional advice at no charge.  Prompt delivery Australia-wide.
Pulverisors for demolition and concrete destruction
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