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Rippers for Excavators
Rippers fitted to an excavator are and excellent method of rapidly increasing the productivity of any excavator, while reducing wear and tear normally associated with hard rock.  With the ability to precisely place the ripper into small gaps in rock or concreate, greatly increasing the effective power in just the right place. When used in conjunction with a tilt hitch, excavator rippers allow accurate ripping inside even the deepest of trenches, with no “wall creep” (where the wall of the trench becomes more narrow the deeper you go) Greatly increase productivity, even in the heaviest rock Ideal option where a rock breaker is not effective, or there are noise and vibration considerations Perfect for “pre-ripping” trench lines to loosen rock and very hard soils prior to trenching Perfect for the removal of large trees along with their roots Ideal for situations where rock is in large blocks Use generic ripper boots for easy and cost effective replacement Available in a wide variety of configurations, depending on the anticipated use Rippers are available for all size and make excavators, so contact us today to discuss your exact requirements. Prompt delivery Australia-wide.
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