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Rock Grabs for Excavators
Rock grabs are probably one of the most versatile earthmoving attachments available, allowing excavators to load and unload, place and position a wide variety of materials, not just rocks. Ideally suited to demolition, or the construction of rock walls and breakwaters, rock grabs, when fitted with a rotating hitch, allow a greater flexibility in the ability to place materials accurately. Available to suit any size and make of machine Ideally suited to demolition for the efficient loading of trucks Capable of lifting odd shaped materials such as large rocks Hydraulic and non-hydraulic grabs available Custom designed “fingers” available to suit your application Manufactured from high quality materials Like to know more?  Contact us today to discuss your exact application and materials to be handled. Our friendly staff are only too happy to offer professional advice. Prompt delivery Australia-wide.
Rock grabs can be designed to handle a wide variety of materials
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