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Earthmoving attachements for all earthmoving machinery
Sleeper Grabs for Excavators
Earthmoving Systems have designed and manufactured our own range of sleeper grabs for use with excavators. Engineered to the highest standards using only the best quality materials, our grabs are designed to last.  An integral locking mechanism prevents the sleeper grab from being able to drop its load at any time, and the extended lock handle means that hands are not required to be anywhere near the grab lifting pads at any time, meaning there is no risk of crush injuries to hands. High quality materials Anodised to prevent corosion Integral lock Extended locking handle to keep hands clear when loading Heavy wear friction pads Pads are easily changed when worn Lift up to 350Kg Comes with lifting shackle We are also able to manufacture custom size grabs where clients need to lift larger loads. Contact us today for details.  Rapid delivery anywhere in Australia.
Quality sleeper grabs built to last
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