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Financing your attachment requirements
We offer an option to rent it try it and if you want purchase your equipment from $2,000 to $150,000 using the GoGetta Equipment Funding solution.  Unique to the marketplace, the rent it try it and if you want purchase solution allows you to save your hard- earned working capital. And if you exercise your option to buy, we reduce your purchase price by 75% of the rent you’ve already paid.  Who says you can’t make your rental dollars work for you?   D o you need reliable equipment such as rock-breakers, auger drives, road brooms, magnum mulcher, harley rake and concrete pulveriser? Are you looking for equipment finance with affordable payments? Reliable equipment is important if you want repeat business and to win contracts.  This is where GoGetta can help with construction equipment finance for your next construction equipment or earthmoving equipment purchase.  At GoGetta, we believe limited cash shouldn’t get in the way of being your own boss or expanding your business. GoGetta can fund that new rock-breaker or auger drive you have been putting off buying because it takes up too much capital. You don’t have to use your hard earned cash to buy an addition to your fleet.  Rent.Grow.Own. Solution allows you to have that new piece of equipment quickly without the large upfront cost.  Affordable easy payments take the pressure off your bottom line and Rent.Grow.Own. gives you the flexibility to buy the equipment within the first 12 months.  Unlike banks, we offers a flexible financing solution tailored to the construction industry.  How does it work?  GoGetta offers business owners a simple 12-month agreement, so you have the flexibility to: Purchase the commercial equipment at any time during the first 12 months and receive a 75% net rental rebate. Return the equipment at the end of the 12 month agreement, if you no longer need it. Continue to rent – and we’ll simply continue to reduce your purchase price. Example - Just say you rent assets valued at $10,000.  you could look forward to:•Low weekly rent of $138.46 Purchase price at the end of one year $5,600 Total Net Payments* $10,640 Rental cost of ownership $640
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