How To Use Our Site


Excavator Buckets Quick Couples & Attachments

  • When ordering excavator buckets or Quick Couples please fill out the fields for type of machine and bucket pickup

  • “This is required fields”

  • When you want to order 2 or more buckets, click on the size your require then click on add cart button, do the same for every bucket

  • There is also have a option where you can add side cutters or bolt on cutting edge B.O.E to the excavator bucket order

  • if you do not want  side cutters fitted to one of the buckets, click on “Without GP side cutters” when ordering that size bucket

  • If you make a mistake you can always delete that part of the order in the shopping cart and start again

  • Trim-Mud buckets give the option of adding a bolt on edge B.O.E


Bucket Teeth, Auger Teeth & Cutting Edges


Bucket teeth part number

  • The part number we use are set up to make the part easier to find, for example

  • If you have the part number type in the top search bar and it will bring up all the parts that relate to that number

Ground Engaging Tools

There are different ways to check which bucket teeth are fitted on your machine and how to match them to our part numbers

(1) Check the invoice from your previous supplier or the part number on your bucket tooth, put the part number into our ” search section

“In top Search Bar” 

“click search”.


This will bring up all of our bucket teeth that share the part number, you will be able to see a photo and a description of the part that matches. Our part number system is based on the orginal parts.


Also check the price you pay and see how much you are saving purchasing your parts from Earthmoving Systems.


(2) Check what part number is on your teeth or adaptors and check it against the last section of our part number and check if you can cross referance the part, information below explains how to cross referance our part number to orginal manufactures. 


  • Our Cat style tooth system will use a part number:EJ3001U3302, this breakes up in to different sections (E / J300 / 1U3302). “E” is for Earthmoving Systems, “J300” is for the Cat tooth measuring systems, 300 means 3 inch (75mm) mesurement across the inside back of the tooth and then the part number “1U3302” which is the same as a standard cat style tooth


    Our Esco style tooth system will use a part number: E18, this breakes up in to different sections. “E” is for Earthmoving Systems, “18” is for the Esco style part number which is the same as a standard Esco style tooth


    Our Hitachi / Keech style tooth system will use a part number: EH03T03, this breakes up in to different sections. (E / H / 03T03) “E” is for Earthmoving Systems, “H” is for Hitachi style, “O3T03” is for the Hitachi /Keech part number which converts to a Hitachi style MO3


    Our Hensley style tooth system will use a part number: EHN156L, this breakes up in to different sections. (E / HN / 156L)  “E” is for Earthmoving Systems, “HN” is for the Hensley style which converts to a Hensley style 156L, which will also fit the ECH style tooth and is fitted on a lot of 4 tonne and above Kubota excavators in S.A.


    Our Mini Hitachi/Keech style tooth system will use a part number: E5KC3, this breakes up in to different sections.  (E / 5KC3) “E” is for Earthmoving Systems, “5KC3” is for the Hitachi/Keech style which converts to a Keech style 5KC3SB, which will also fit the ECH style tooth and is fitted on a lot of 1 to 4 tonne excavators, easy reconised by the 50mm long roll pin which is fitted down the centre of the tooth


  • If you have a invoice from ES or a part number type in search and see if the part comes up.

  • There is also measuring charts for reference to help you measure the tooth or the pin size.

  • If you are not sure before you order, give us a call or send a email, we are happy to help and go through the steps to identify the part.

    How to add the part to the shopping cart

  • Find the bucket teeth or wear part you require, add in the number in the quantity box and then click onto the “Add To Cart” button, the web site will automatically add the parts to your shopping cart.

    Then you go to the bucket teeth, lock rubber, retainer or pin add the number you require, then click onto the “Add To Cart” button.

  • You can also go through the list and order different types of teeth and add them to the shopping cart.

Once you have items in your shopping cart

  • By clicking onto the “Add To Cart” button you add your parts into what is called the shopping cart.

  • You can view your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the ” view cart” on the right “Shopping Trolley Symbol” and you can also add or delete the parts at any time.

  • If at any time you want to change the amount of parts you have ordered, put in the amount then click on the update button.

  • At any time you want to see what you have ordered, click on the ” view cart” button

  • If your would like to purchase other types of bucket teeth or auger parts just go through the site till you find what you need and add them to your shopping cart.

  • Once you have the parts you need, click on the “checkout” button, the site will ask you to log on if you are already a customer, if you are a new customer it will ask you to register.


  • It will take you to the “shipping and payment” section with different payment and freight options once you have decided how you want to pay and your prefered shipping, click onto the “continue” button.

  • Next page is “Place  Order” where you can check you order and shipping details, fill in your ” credit card information”

  • Pay via PayPal

  • Pay via ZipPay

  • Or you can “Pay direct via direct debit

  • Once the funds are cleared we will deliver your order Please include your name when making the payment and at the bottom of the page you can write in any information or request for more information then click the “submit order” button.

  • The final step, you have a copy of you invoice and it will say, “Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed”.

  • Thank you for using our store. An order notification has been sent to your e-mail address.

  • Your order will be processed according to the delivery details.

This site keeps a history of your orders, which allows you to check what you ordered last week or 12 months ago, handy for your accounting records and for when you want to re order and can’t remember what you order last time for you loader or excavator.

If you have any questions on how to use the site or you require further information please contact us by the contact form or by phone 08 83842660

Thank you from the Team at Earthmoving Systems