How To Order a PD Auger Drive Unit

To work out the size of your drive unit, the PD number (PD4 )  is generally matched to the machine size PD4 = 4 ton excavator

Pick your Digga PD auger drive unit from the range of sizes, then once you have picked the size check your machines “Recommended Flow Rate” then match that to the auger drive unit for example PD3  Rec flow rate of 45 -75 LPM

Please note: If you are not sure you can send us a email in the contact form or give us a call on 08 83842660. We are happy to go through the specs to make sure you receive the correct drive unit

The next step is to chose 3 things when ordering your drive unit by clicking on the buttons



No. 1 Choice of drive hub, the page defaults to a round hub but you have other choices of hubs to suit augers you may already own (Included in the price)

No.2 Choice of – 1/2″ FLUSH FACE (SET OF 2) hydraulic  coupler or Open face – 1/2″ ISO STANDARD POPPET (SET OF 2)  (Included in the price)

No.3 Choice of head bracket, double pin standard Cradle (fitted standard with lose pins) or the swing control head bracket


No.4 The price will change when you select the head bracket options

Once you have gone through the above steps then all you need to to do is fill out the bucket pick up details and order your drive unit

to work out the measurements on your excavator attachments you can print out our Bucket Pick Up Form

Then copy the measurements to the order form

Try and see how you go, if you not sure contact us and we will guide you through it


The Team from Earthmoving Systems