PowerLatch Tilt Quick Couplers to suit 20 to 24 ton excavators-Sales

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  • PowerLatch Twin Lock Coupler Information

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  • TQC 20-24

    "FREE DELIVERY" AUSTRALIA WIDE Suit 20 to 24 Ton Excavators


    The 180-degree tilt functionality on all models increases versatility and flexibility for the operator and makes the Tilt coupler a must have for a variety of applications such as grading, road construction and demolition. Its cast compact design is achieved through innovative top mounted arms, which reduce the overall height and weight of the PowerLatch Tilt for enhanced performance and productivity.


    The PowerLatch Tilt coupler builds on the proven Miller TwinLock design. This low maintenance quick hitch coupler gives operators additional peace of mind from our patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) mechanical backup, which ensures attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the unlikely event of loss of engagement forces.
    A Twin Locking coupler simply means that it has mechanical locks on both the front and rear attachments pins to ensure that they remain securely attached in the event of loss of hydraulic pressure or the operator accidentally knocking the switch inside the cab. This means that a secondary mechanical backup system is in place that is completely independent of the hydraulic circuit. Our couplers also have hydraulic check valves in the solenoid and cylinder as standard.
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PowerLatch Tilt Quick Coupler for Excavators 20 to 24 Ton