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Pivot / Debris Scrapers for Skidsteers
Pivot / Debris Scrapers greatly increase productivity in a wide range of situations, such as trench backfill, clearing material in hard to reach locations where normally a labourer would be required. Pivot scrapers are very versatile, having the ability to swing from side to side (90 degrees both ways) using the hydraulic controls of the skidsteer, while retrieving material that would simply be out of reach for a skidsteer bucket. Trench backfill Clearing waste from under cages in chicken sheds Able to reach into tight corners Up to 2.8m reach Requires just 450mm height for clearance Steel 350mm wide paddles Ideal for clearing out under conveyor belts Works with all kinds of materials Like to know more?  Contact us today for the latest information available, and the best prices available, plus Australia-wide shipping!
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Debris scrapers for clearing under conveyor belts, chicken cages and more