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Earthmoving attachements for all earthmoving machinery
Sleeper lifting attachments for Skid-steers
Sleeper Grab manufactured by Earthmoving Systems. mechanical grab easy to use, design by engineer, certified for lifting. Max Lifting load is 350kg All sleeper grabs are fitted with poly urethane pads to help protect and not mark the concrete sleepers The sleeper grab is placed over the sleeper, then the labour flicks over the safety lock, the excavator or machine lifts the grab and then the grab closes on the sleeper. When the grab is lowered into place, the safety lever will automatically or can be manually locked and then the grab is lifted off the sleeper ready for the next lift. Easy and simple to use  Sleeper grab device equipped with a lifting eye to be attached to any excavator, mini loader or backhoe. With an opening width 140mm and a safe working load of 350kg The SLEEPER GRAB can be used to lift and lay a variety of concrete, sandstone, bluestone sleepers or prefabricated products. Fitted with polyurethane pads so there are no marks on you concrete sleepers Australian Designed and Manufactured, in South Australia supplied with operations and risk assessment forms We have customers who have brought up to 10 sleeper grabs for their company, feedback has been great our customers tell us they are easy to use "Patent Pending"
Rock breakers to suit every machine size and rock type
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